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#5 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2018

Tonal is the first-ever adaptive digital strength training system, powered by digital weights, with interactive workouts built in. It’s like having a personal trainer and a full gym, in the convenience of your home. One system, the size of a flat-screen TV, replaces every piece of equipment in a weight room.

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  • Russian BotTraveler

    Tries to simplify workouts


    For advance users, they'll need a strong wall support

    For someone that benches 450lbs, dead lifts 600+lbs. etc...I'd literally pull down any modern house wall that is not structurally re-enforced with quality steel girders. This would be great for the classic programmer soy boy.

    Russian Bot has never used this product.
  • Matt Brezinaceo, sincerely

    packs small against the wall like a TV. Great workout in the home



    I can't believe it took until the year 2018 for the world to get a smart weight lifting machine - but i'm glad it has arrived! It is amazing to see how much thought and effort went into this product from the team. Great work!

    Matt Brezina has used this product for one month.


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Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
This is the strength-training system I've been waiting (weighting?) for. People's heads are gonna explode when they try this out for the first time.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is awesome. Like Peloton for lifting. Lifting is my preferred workout and I'm all for convenient fitness. It's unclear to me if I can get a full body workout with the current design, but would love to try this.
Nate BosshardMaker@natebosshard · CMO at Tonal
@rrhoover Tonal replaces every piece of equipment in the weight room. Legs, arms, back, shoulders, core. The adjustable arms unlock everything you would ever need to do.
Nate BosshardMaker@natebosshard · CMO at Tonal
@rrhoover Also our showroom on 1824 Union street is open for demos today starting at 10am.
Peter Pham@peterpham · Cofounder Science
@rrhoover I'm an angel in this. I know you, trust me, this is for us. Heavy lifting, no cardio :)
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@rrhoover @natebosshard What's the max weight (equivalent to free weights/plates, that you can lift/push? Thanks
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Oh. My. God.
Aly OradyMaker@aorady · CEO, Tonal
@orliesaurus So thrilled to be sharing this with the world after 3.5 years of development. #beyourstrongest
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@orliesaurus @aorady When will this be available in Europe? I'm sure many athletes who live in flats/apartments would find this very useful!
Andy Rosenberg@andythegiant · marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
This is what Fitocracy needed to integrate with back when it was booming. Having worked at both Peloton and Aaptiv, I can fully dig the mission here and look forward to trying it out!
Aly OradyMaker@aorady · CEO, Tonal
@andythegiant Come try it out! 1824 Union St. in SF.
Andy Rosenberg@andythegiant · marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
@aorady I'd love to but I am in NYC - if you want any help/support here, let me know!
Nate BosshardMaker@natebosshard · CMO at Tonal
@andythegiant Our showroom is open today!
Andy Rosenberg@andythegiant · marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
Nate BosshardMaker@natebosshard · CMO at Tonal
@andythegiant In SF. NYC in a few months.
Will McQuain@will_mcquain · Founder of Good Cigar Co.
Looks incredible. I've been waiting for this ever since hearing about Ript Labs 3 years ago.
Aly OradyMaker@aorady · CEO, Tonal
@will_mcquain Awesome! 3.5 years in the making - and awesome to finally make it available.