Long distance ride-sharing platform for college students.

HitchHiqe is a long distance ride-sharing platform for college students (currently @ VT) that condenses hours searching for rides from Facebook carpool groups to just 2-5 seconds through our proprietary set of Machine Learning algorithms.
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HitchHiqe originated from a problem I faced at my university, Virgnia Tech : commuting back home. I used to literally spend hours trying to find the best carpooling options on Facebook carpool groups, and I knew there had to be a better way of doing things. In fact, I polled our Facebook carpool group, and instantly over 200 people voted in favor of such an app! So, couple of months and ~30K lines of code later, I launched HitchHiqe. Since then, HitchHiqe has grown to serve the entire Virginia Tech (it's currently limited to VT) by hitting 12,000 miles just last week! HitchHiqe is aiming to expand to University of Virginia, Liberty University, GMU, and other uni's in the east coast (if interested, hmu). We also hired our first employee to help us with marketing stuff. HitchHiqe's mission is to make long distance carpooling as easy as pushing a button on your phone! Sound familiar?