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September 11th, 2017

Confirmed Apple Event Rumors 🍎
Happy holiday! Today's big Apple Event will take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater. Nothing is confirmed, other than no homescreen button, something called "Portrait Lighting", an LTE Apple Watch, a 4k Apple TV, Face ID (unlock via selfie), and the ability to send 3D animated emoji based on your facial expressions, called Animoji.

And one more thing, TBD. 🙇

It remains to be seen if Apple will shock the world and include an adapter when forcing iPhone users everywhere to switch to USB-C. You can get a magic cable that charges anything to mitigate the uncertainty.

The event starts at 10 a.m. PDT. Locate the nearest Safari browser early, or watch on the native Mac app made by a maker in the community from Brazil.
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“Android and iOS are copying the best things from each other and they feel more and more similar than ever.” – Fred Wilson

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Gboard should be the default keyboard on Android & iOS 
• Nexar turns your device into an AI Dashcam
InkHunter uses augmented reality to let you try on tattoos
Anchor lets you record your own bite-sized podcasts
• Sweatcoin is the app that pays you to get fit