Gboard for Android

Google's keyboard, now available on Android

#3 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2016
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I like Google's strategy of launching on iOS first, Android second 😄
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@jackdweck agreed... b/c Im iOS
Hey there, I’m Alan, a PM for Gboard and we’re super excited to bring you this new update! Starting today, Google Keyboard has become Gboard. Gboard has all the things you love about your old Google Keyboard — speed and accuracy, Glide Typing and voice typing — plus Google Search built in. You can search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more — right from your keyboard. As an added bonus, we’ve added multilingual typing to help you switch languages on the fly. Try it out and let us know what you think!
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@alanmni Alan, I've noticed on my Moto X that the keyboard takes a really long time to initialize, meaning that no predictions or auto-corrects appear for the first few minutes after the phone has booted. I'm also finding the swipe typing to be a lot less accurate than it was before this recent update. Do you have any insight into what's happening?
@alanmni Hi Alen, Ihave been using Gboard on IOS for months now (since the launch). This is the only keyboard I have manage to use it is so fantastic! You really did a great job! I was wondering when will you release an Hebrew support for the Gboard! I'm willing to help 😉
@dereksilva Hey Derek, really sorry to hear that. I'll have our team look into this.
@adisilagy Great to hear Adi. No specific date for Hebrew, but adding new languages will be a priority for Gboard in 2017 so stay tuned :).
@alanmni still does not support Persian. I stick with Swiftly for now
Gboard has changed my life... It took me a while to come around to it and I still make so many bloody spelling mistakes because I'm not used to just accepting the predictive recommendations... But David Brent GIFs - changed my life. Wish the emoji's were up to date with current iOS update - but this is the Android release so I shall not mention ANYTHING else about emojis 😝 What other keyboard apps are great on Android?
@bentossell Still finding it hard to switch from SwiftKey, but I've been using the leaked APK of this for a few days. Missed it so much after switching to Pixel.
@bentossell I think the stock Google Keyboard is fantastic. One-handed mode is my fav feature
@megaroeny @bentossell Thanks! With Gboard you'll still get all your favorite features from Google Keyboard like one-handed mode. And you'll also get new goodies like search, emojis, and gifs :)
Awesome update. Only thing that is odd is by default long press on a letter doesn't bring up symbols, you have to enable it in the settings.
I'm legitimately surprised that this came to iOS before Android, seeing as how it's from Google... but glad to finally get to try this out!