Apple Events for macOS

The unofficial Apple Events app for macOS

You can use this app to stream Apple events (both live and on-demand) on your Mac or to your Chromecast.

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"Here comes that guy that takes websites and turns them into apps". Yeap, it's me again :D This time I wanted to tackle the "Apple Events" problem. I don't like watching them on the website and I can't always sit on my couch and watch on my Apple TV. This app is for those of you who need to keep working while the event is going on. Just activate picture-in-picture mode and keep working (and watching) 😎 P.S: this is actually a native Mac app, the website thing is just a joke ><
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@_inside hi β€” thanks for this app. How do I activate pic-in-pic? just tried to watch a past event but cant find the "button" #update β€” sorry β€” FOUND IT!!
Couldn't find the pic-in-pic also. UPDATE: Found it (Green button)
@joshzandman @rmatos74 It's the fullscreen button. While playing a video, it becomes the "picture in picture" button.
@_inside @rmatos74 Thanks - I did the smart thing and read the instructions on Github ;)
Is this real?! 😊 πŸ™Œ
This app looks amazing! Great job! :)
I'm impressed. It even picks up the correct timezone. I can see that I might be using this tomorrow to watch as I've no plans to watch live at 1am. :-)
Instand download.