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This is one of my favorite apps of the last year -- I've accumulated nearly 2,000 Sweatcoins while walking a TON in London (and redeemed them for healthy juice drinks, coconut oil, and more). I highly recommend it -- it's a great motivator to increase your physical activity!
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Thanks for the hunt @nikitakorotaev! Hey Product Hunters! We're excited to get this out to you! Today we are launching Sweatcoin for Android. Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency. Spend earned sweatcoins on goods and services (like Nike shoes, Apple watch or Borneo expedition), donate to charity or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value! Please note Sweatcoin is only available in the US, UK and Ireland. Check it out and tell us what you think of app. p.s. Product Hunters use this link to get special treatment! https://sweatco.in/producthunt
@perushev @nikitakorotaev any plans for an iOS version?
It works. I've been a Sweatcoin user since 2015. Since then I've bought with Sweatcoins sports shoes and clothes, protein shakes, a session with a personal trainer & more. Thumbs up to the Sweatcoin team on the execution, iOS & Android apps are great!
@nikitakorotaev thank you, Nikita! It took few months longer than expected, but then who would have known that we would need not just Java, but OpenGL, C++ of the NDK and ReactNative :)
@nikitakorotaev Hey Nikita, could you add the website url to the post? https://sweatco.in/
Love it! How do deal with cheaters?
@gabrelyanov We have very elaborate algorithms to track whether you actually moved. You will not be able to cheat us like you do with your Fitbit by placing it on your washing machine.
@gabrelyanov ruthlessly 😄 like algorithms would - simply not counting their movement
@perushev @gabrelyanov Damn - I thought my wife was clocking up really good step counts every day. Do you think she's just putting her fitbit in the washing machine and snacking on biscuits watching daytime TV?
@theashtube @perushev @gabrelyanov Do you have any of these objects sitting around? http://www.unfitbits.com/
Really liking this app so far. I started using it about 4 months ago and I'm still walking more as a result.