MuConnect 2.0

Universal cable for magnetic fast charging

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2017

MuConnect 2.0 is world's first fast charging magnetic cable . which comes with a feature of cross compatibility, strength

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Thank you! Just thank you, cause it is the thing that many people were dreaming of. I am pretty sure that in near future this tool will become more popular than the original chargers.
@hrantarzumanyan Thank you for your confidence. We are hoping to make the whole world change to magnetic chargers.
I'll echo Matt Marsh's comments above. We're all in the market for cables like this and we all have done the research on them. You guys are not the first to do crowdfunding for magnetic cables, nor will you be the last. Many are even for sale right now on Amazon, but they're all the cheap, shit quality ones from China that abound on Amazon. Get these things into real people's hands and they always result in bad reviews because of crap components, not fitting exactly into the ports, intermittent charging issues, and more. Even Griffin's BreakSafe USB-C cable suffers from the same problems. It's apparently not easy to make these things and have them be reliable, quality products. Apple has been the only success and that's because they build the feature into the port itself, something nobody else can do. How will you succeed where all others have failed? Once you prove to us that you can build a real device, and get it into people's hands for REAL WORLD testing, I'll pay more attention.
@yozzozo Yeah I don't think it's exactly because of "cheap components". More likely this thing is inherently hard and the seamless integration by Apple is hard to be emulated by a 3rd-party product. Will see when the product actually comes out.

Cross compatibility is the best in this product.


Yes. I used their first product. It works well for me. This one ads cross compatibility . I can use single cable for all my devices.


Braided cables would be more attractive

Frustrated with tripping over cables and making our hearts stop for a moment in the fear of breaking our precious phones, we built the world's first intelligent fast charging adapter for iPhones, Micro USB and Type C phones. It has been a year and we are back with Muconnect 2.0 our new magnetic charging cable that is fast, intelligent and cross compatible. We have considered the feedback and reviews from our previous backers and designed MuConnect 2.0. MuConnect 2.0 has been duly tested. Muconnect 2.0 is more reliable, has stronger magnets that lets you use your phones while playing games or watching your favorite soap on your phones. We believe everyone should have the amazing experience of Muconnect 2.0 and its key features as below. - It comes with a magnetic connector that keeps your phone safe and makes it a breeze to connect your phones. - You don't have to be disappointed that your Micro USB's are not reversible, Muconnect brings the convenience of reversible connectors to you. - Ever wondered why your phones charge slow form your laptop' USB, Muconnect 2.0 uses intelligent charging schemes to give you upto 2X charging speeds from the same laptops. - Lightning connector, Micro USB or the fancy new kid on the block USB-C, we don't differentiate, Muconnect 2.0's magnetic connector connects to all. One cable to charge them all. - Desperate for a few drops of energy but afraid of data theft while plugging your phones at a public charging port, Muconnect 2.0 keeps your data safe, just switch to data protection mode. We want to change the way you charge your devices and we are taking our first steps. Smart chargers, Universal power packs and wireless charging. These are a few things on our mind. We ask you to support us in our mission to create smooth and amazing charging experiences. Thanks for your interest and support!
@crazyykipps So is the idea that I'm supposed to leave the little plug *in* my phone all the time?
@sfhosley yes, that's the idea behind Muconnect. You can leave the plugs in your smartphones and use the same magnetic cable to charge all your devices.
looks good but I've already lost several investments on crowdfunding sites for cables like this so will wait for general sale
@mcmarsh we will notify on our facebook page and MuConnect website once it is in retail. so please subscribe to our website to get more updates. link :