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2019's most upvoted products

It’s almost the end of 2019! Of course, you knew that already from all the end of the decade #content that’s undoubtedly in your inbox.

There are so many products we could share to wrap of the 2010s (we’re a product of this decade), but we wanted to give some love to the most upvoted products of 2019. We’ll be sharing the year’s top 25 products over the next five days, so stay tuned! First up:

25. Marketing Examples is a super useful gallery of real-world marketing examples from successful companies. It will help you improve your SEO, perfect your newsletter strategy, and grow your following on Instagram.

“Invaluable modern marketing lessons - the only marketing newsletter I subscribe to actually.” - Pete

24. Tesla Cybertruck launched in November (with a bang) and we’re still thinking about buying one. The $39,000 electric pickup truck is designed to look like a sports car but definitely looks like it belongs on Mars.

“It feels like Tesla is the Apple of the car industry. Right now it feels strange and unfamiliar, then suddenly other manufacturers will start to move towards a similar aesthetic and it will be the norm.” - Manny

23. Exploding Topics is an aggregator for trending topics like health, business, marketing and fashion, among others. The tool scrapes the web for what’s blowing up right now, sourcing from millions of data points.

“Wow. That’s like a pre-curated Google Trends on steroids.” - Dan

22. UserGuiding is a nifty no-code tool that helps product teams create interactive manuals that showcase how a product works.

“Although we are a technology-focused team, we decided to use UserGuiding because of their smooth, easy solution. We do not need to deal with complicated user guiding development any more.” - Osman

21. Product Resources List is a huuuge list of over 250 free product management resources. The idea is to help PMs save time in their day-to-day responsibilities.

“Incredible resource for people who want to know different aspects of product management.“ - Abid

In tomorrow’s digest: AI generated faces, interactive step-by-step guides, and a special tool just for writers. 👀

Get the Cybertruck for Xmas

This is like if Apple Music, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram had a baby. 🎧

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