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Hey Product Hunters, Thank you for checking out my new startup. 🤔 The problem Well, I think the majority of marketing writing is quite un-actionable. You read it, and it might sound good, but when you get out in the real world you really have no idea how actually implement it. 🛠My solution So the goal of Marketing Examples is to get as close to the "real world" as possible. The site is a collection of marketing tactics used by successful startups and the idea is that you can copy the techniques step-by-step. Every example is summarised into a thread on Twitter, so perhaps check that out. Anyway, that's all folks. Any questions please do comment or tweet me @harrydry 🙏
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@harrydry This is such a useful resource. There are very few websites where I can say that I have read every. single. article. You're such a talented story teller and these are super actionable. Thanks for putting it together!
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@anthilemoon favourite comment of the day - thank you 🙏
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Great, succinct newsletter with very unique and interesting examples! Follow the twitter account if emails isn’t your thing.
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@hikikomori_arm very lovely comment. appreciate that!
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Invaluable modern marketing lessons - the only marketing newsletter I subscribe to actually. Harry covers everything from self-promo on Reddit to adding shareable Twitter threads to your website. In fact, I made a 'Harry thread' on Twitter when I interviewed Harry myself for . You can check it out here:
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@petecodes Thanks a lot Pete. Very flattering comment. Good luck with No CS Degree. It's a cool project :)
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@harrydry I also interviewed Harry about how he learned to code without a Computer Science degree:
Articles written to teach you something, not the usual 5k words of fluff to game SEO. Recommended.
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@luqa Thanks you Luca. And yeah, exactly the point!
Harry, you are an endless fountain of good content. Pros: Excellent content that has been consistently way above par so far Cons: Need to unsub from a few now completely replaced newsletters/blog :) Ace work, keep it up!
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@jonny_cosgrove Hahaha! One of my favourite comments so far, seriously flattering. It's only going to get better. Thank you Jonny! by @jamesivings + @dinkydani21 is a pretty good way to unsubscribe :)
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