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December 17th, 2019

The must-have AirPods accessory

A hard truth about AirPods: they can get kind of gross.

Don’t get us wrong — the new AirPods are slick and full of noise-canceling magic, but that doesn’t prevent accumulated dust and wax residue in brand new ear buds.

Luckily, the Product Hunt community is always thinking about pressing issues like this and came up with a solution. Enter Just Away, a cleaning kit for your AirPods.

“Just Away started with a simple struggle as AirPods users: dirty, ugly ear wax and dust accumulation on the Pods and the Case. Having tried and tested multiple solutions, I have not found a solution that answers this problem properly. I realized I needed to come up with something myself.” - Just Away Maker Mehdi Izemmour (he worked on the project as a side hustle).

What you get in the kit:

  • Cleaning paste
  • Alcohol wipes 
  • A spudger (a little tool for electronic repairs) 

All of the materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly, and if you clean your Pods/Pods Case just once a week, the kit will last you for ~ three months.

Some early reactions from AirPods owners:

“NICE! I thought about making an AirPod cleaning kit and talked myself out of it like 8 times” - Armand

“I've been using blue tack and dental pics from the dollar store for two years now. Works great. Beautiful website, though.” - Steven

“Sounds like a product I need - frequently obsessively worried about how dirty my AirPods get.” - Cheung

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Just Away

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