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October 28th, 2019

Apple’s newest gadgets in stores tomorrow

Apple just launched their highly anticipated AirPods Pro. 👂

Here’s what’s new: The second-generation earbuds have noise-canceling features (similar to the Beats Solo Pro headphones) and a flexible in-ear design with three different sets of tips (to fit more ears). The AirPods Pro also support a “transparency mode” that lets users hear their surrounding environment.

The premium earbuds come with audio sharing, which lets users sync up to a second pair of AirPods — to listen to a song or watch a movie — by simply bringing the second set of buds close to an iPhone or iPad. There’s also a hands-free “Hey Siri” to play a song, increase the volume, make a call or get directions. 👏

Would you buy them?

A few initial impressions from the community:

“I think these look good, an upgrade from the standard model we've had for a while. Noise cancellation will be fantastic. Only disappointment (and a big one) is the battery life. Less than the non-pro version.“ - Max

“Being able to actually fit them to your ears is going to be key. Love it.” - Joshua

“Apple wants us to insert these into our heads and never remove them. The age of ‘Her’ is upon us." - Chris

The new AirPods will hit stores tomorrow for $249 (the current AirPods cost $159).

If you're not into them, you could also try the Powerbeats Pro, the Surface Earbuds or Google’s Pixel Buds.

Get the new AirPods

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This social network is "an alternative to social media" where you only share photos with a small group of people. 📸

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