Surface Earbuds

A new AirPods competitor from Microsoft

#4 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2019
Featuring an ultra-comfortable design, intuitive touch and voice controls, screen-free access to Office 365,* immersive sound for music and calls, and all-day battery.²
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These things look hideous. They are PopSockets for your ears.
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@magnuson I actually love how big they look. They make the person wearing them look like a cyborg from a sci-fi video game 😊
I don't think these are as ugly as people are saying, big for sure but I think they look more normal than the airpods did on their release
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@aaronoleary Right, people have forgotten how ridiculous AirPods look.
@aaronoleary I think this might be demonstrably wrong. Airpods were not a big visual jump. Take an existing apple headphone and delete the wires.
@aaronoleary @bnchrch which made them end up with something staggeringly different from anything else in the wireless space at that time. Still think they look ugly to this day, with their weird protuberances getting out of your ears... These ones don't look half bad to me tbh
Who else just has regular headphones ?
The main selling point of the Airpods is of course the UX; but more importantly they're being worn as fashion accesories worldwide. I have no idea why Microsoft decided to make a hideous Airpods competitor...
I think they look fine. I'm interested in learning more about the drivers. I'm under the impression most browsers care about the look and/or brand recognition, whereas I'm curious about the audio performance and functionality. There's way more out there now than AirPods, which skimp heavily on audio performance for the price.