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October 23rd, 2019

We partnered with Snapchat on the next...

Over the past two years, our Makers Festivals have encouraged makers to build, tinker, and launch products in just four weeks. It’s like a hackathon but online and open to people from all backgrounds, not just software development. From there, we’ve seen everything from walkie-talkie apps raise $400,000 to writing communities garner thousands of members after launching out of the Festival.

The literal prize at the end of each Festival is a silver kitty trophy, but the larger win is all of the amazing products that launch in such a short amount of time.

Needless to say, we love partnering with companies that share our love for building new things. That’s why we’re super excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Snapchat to bring you the biggest Makers Festival yet. 🎉

This month, we’re encouraging makers to flex their creative muscles using Snap Kit and create fun/useful/weird apps for the hundreds of millions of Snapchatters around the world.

But first, what is Snap Kit? 

Snap Kit is Snap’s collection of developer tools that help third parties build integrations with Snapchat. Makers can bring some of Snapchat’s features into their own apps, as well as integrate their apps or websites into the Snapchat experience.

More than 450 apps integrated with Snap Kit to date — here’s a few of our favorites for some #inspo (you can find the full collection of apps here).

🤳 Squad lets you screen share with friends in a video chat

🛍 Wishupon lets you create and share shopping lists

🎙 Breaker is a social podcasting app

👻 TOKO lets you make polls directly in your Snapchat Stories

👀 WYA is an events app for Snapchat

🎨 PicsArt is a social photo editor

💬 YOLO lets you receive anonymous questions from your Snapchat followers

We’re giving makers five categories to build for this time around, including:

Creative Tools

This is for the most creative use of Snapchat’s Creative Tools (Stickers, Captions, Filters, and Lenses) accessed through Creative Kit. You can check out Creative Kit for Web as an additional resource — it’s a newly released toolset for sharing webpages and web apps to Snapchat.


This is for the most creative use of the Bitmoji avatar that is compliant with Bitmoji Guidelines. Special consideration will be given to apps that use Bitmoji in an innovative way beyond their use in chat and communication. This category also includes Friendmoji, stickers co-starring a users and their friends.

User Experience

This is for a seamless, excellent user experience in your Snap Kit integration.

Snap Kit Combo

This is for the best use of multiple Kits that work together to create a great product.

Anything Else

Feel free to build a product outside of these themes. Go crazy, get creative and have fun. 😻


Each category will have a winning product, which will receive the coveted silver kitty trophy.

The most ingenious Snap Kit product will also receive two pairs of Snapchat’s new Spectacles.😎

The Snap Kit Makers Festival starts now. You can register here.

Registration closes the 31st of October at 11pm PT (spooky, right? 👻). 

We cannot wait to see what you build. 🤗

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"I thought I'd start a podcast, as they are so rare and unique these days."

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