Get anonymous questions from your Snapchat followers

YOLO lets you receive & answer anonymous messages from your Snapchat followers, directly in the app. Your responses are instantly sharable back into your Snap story. #1 in the App Store less than 24 hours after launching.
  • Rédouane Rmdn
    Rédouane RmdnCEO and Co-Founder @Snipfeed

    Snap was missing this IG Q&A feature (plus it's anonymous)


    Answers are anonymous so when you want to answer on Snap, you have to send the snap to all the people you asked it to, can be annoying

    Excited to see where this idea goes!

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    gamingwithNatalie lol has never used this product.
YOLO's tactic reminds me of Polly, another Q&A app that used Snapchat to grow suuuuper quickly. @gregoirehenrion @craffenoux – Brilliant SnapKit integration. What's next for the app? 🤔
@gregoirehenrion @craffenoux @rrhoover I just checked Polly out and they were just a little to early. Snapchat updating their API helped make YOLO grow so quickly. Back then you had to copy the url then add it to your snap. You couldn't get a view automatically in your snap that said "Swipe Up". You had to manually put it in there. I'm surprised Polly didn't attempt to rebuild it after big Snapkit release/update. (Or maybe they did)
#1 in the App Store in < 24 hours. 😮 Curious to see what people are doing on top of YOLO (instead of just taking anonymous questions).
Please bring YOLO to Android. This seems like an awesome tool and I'd love to try it. 😄
PROS: idk I can't get it CONS: Because it's not available to Android