Anybody can be a writer with enough persistence and the right community. 200 words daily is all it takes.

200 Words a Day is a community of 1500 writers that helps you reach your writing goals and become a better wordsmith.

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Hello Product Hunt, Today I'm extremely excited to present you my baby/life work. I wanted to be a better writer. I started with a simple habit: writing 200 words every day. I made a community out of this idea where people get into a writing habit and improve together. The challenge became a product I built during the Product Hunt Makers Festival 2018, which our new-born community won one month ago. I have been writing for 60 days straight, and 200WaD has grown to be a fine community of 500 writers with 950 posts. Today I think it's time to open up. We want to reach new people willing to get into a writing habit and improve at it together. Writing is great for many reasons. It is fun. It is the most common form of business communication. It's great to keep your mental health as it clarifies the mind. All you have to do is to get started and write a bit every day. Anybody can be a writer now, 200 words at a time. It doesn't matter how good or bad your English is. We believe in hard work and persistence. Join the fellowship and let's become great writers together! :) # Features: ✍️ Write with no overhead in a dead-simple user interface inspired by Medium. ❤️ Share your writings with the community to receive feedback, keep it private, or share it with the world. Your writings belong to you. 🔗 Link your daily posts to your personal blog by using our canonical URL feature. 💎 200WaD is a community product with a strong will to empower its writers: writer profiles, Slack workspace, but also a daily newsletter and tweets featuring the writers and their posts. # What's next: 200WaD is my life work: I'm working on it full-time. I also am sharing everything that's going on with my users: Trello public roadmap and open metrics. On the long run I want 200WaD to become the indie platform of reference for indie writers from all backgrounds. Not only a great writing tool, but also a great community empowering its members with technology. Welcome aboard, and happy to read your writings 😉
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Awesome project. Not enough people understand that creativity also needs discipline. Creatives always talk about getting sudden flashes of inspiration (like moments of eureka) often describing that feeling as if there's a higher spirit taking over and giving them the power to create something. That's valid, but to get into a state where that happens you still need discipline and routine. Adding some accountability to that, especially publicly like here, helps. Even if your writing sucks, you've written that day. And even if maybe 9 out of 10 days your writing sucks, there will be one day where it doesn't. And that's the benefit of having creative discipline. It increases the possibility of sudden inspiration. Also lovely to see the public roadmap and /open page!
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@levelsio Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from the guy who inspired me to join the Maker Movement 🙏 😄

I was one of the first people to join #200wad & I loved it. Had to stop writing due to festivals but will come back again. I only have ~10 posts but still I feel like it has made me a better writer already. Basile is building it in public & loved the way it has shapen up. Keep going Baz ✍️


Makes you a better writer


You still have to write

Thanks Akshay!!! :) Nothing can stop us!!! (except festivals)
bro you did it!! Congrats 🎉🎉
@harowitzblack what a f* journey!!! 🎉 🤗 thank you so much

There is no check on the emails and the content we write on the page, looks a lot like a spam page and complete waste of time.


Okay UI.


spammy design, bad usage.