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October 13th, 2019

How to end Slack fatigue

It’s Monday morning, you’ve had your first cup of coffee, and you’re starting to get in the zone. Just as you reach a flow state, you get a Slack notification.

Can you do that thing for that person and also can you do it ASAP? That’d be greeeeat. 

We’ve all been there. 👆

Last week, Shoulder Tap launched to combat these interruptions. The tool lets you manage requests for your time in Slack, turning random “shoulder taps” into a queue. It also gives team members visibility into how many people are looking for your help at any given moment, as well as what’s being asked of you. If there’s something you can help a teammate out with, you can pull a request from their queue.

The service runs $10/month for “unlimited taps.”

Shoulder Tap joins a long list of tools that aim to make you more productive on Slack, especially as we shift to a more remote workforce. 💬

There’s Donut for getting matched with a new “coffee” buddy each week on Slack. Humble uses Slack to help eliminate meetings. Halp is a Slack-first ticketing internal help desk. Gyroscope Team Dashboard promotes team wellness through Slack. Abot also promotes team wellness, and lets employees give anonymous feedback via Slack.

Check out Shoulder Tap

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