Slack-first ticketing for internal helpdesk

Halp is the first conversational product designed specifically for internal ticketing. The teams at forward-thinking companies like Strava, Home Depot, and Vend use Halp to streamline IT issues, HR questions, and every internal request.
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👋Hey PH community, Thanks for the support and for hunting us @chrismessina ! I’m Fletcher, Cofounder & CEO of Halp. A lot has happened since we launched our original product, BubbleIQ, here in Fall of 2017. Through countless conversations with customers, it's clear that Slack is not just the place to share gifs and party parrots, but also where employees go to get support for IT problems, HR questions, and all sorts of internal requests. The #hr_help or #my_laptop_is_on_fire 🚒🔥channels exist at every company, but there’s no easy way to track those requests. Halp is conversational ticketing tool for teams on Slack. Opening up a ticket is as simple as adding a 🎫emoji to a message or using a slash command. From there, the conversation happens in a thread and tickets can be edited, assigned, and updated right from Slack. Halp functions as a standalone ticketing system, or it integrates with Jira/Zendesk. We recently announced a 2.6m seed round from Slack, Techstars, and several other great investors. Halp is already used every day by the internal IT, HR, Finance, and operations teams at Strava, Home Depot, Vend, G2, Klaviyo, and many more. We’ve also seen Halp used by B2B companies to offer VIP support in shared Slack channels and Slack communities. We’re so excited to be launching on Product Hunt today, please let us know what you think below 👇. To celebrate we are shipping everyone in the community who signs up today a limited edition Halp t-shirt 👕! p.s. who's excited for Slack to go public tomorrow?! I know we are!
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@mqsley a local guy actually introduced to me by Elliot! relightcreative.com
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@chrismessina @fletchrichman This is a pretty tight integration!! Trying it out as we speak. Also love the shirts, how can we get one? :p
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@thatmattgardner thanks! looking forward to your feedback. we will get ya a shirt for sure, email tori @ halp dot com with your address :)
This is amazing - I love what the Halp team has done!
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I've been following the Halp team for a few years now after meeting Fletcher and Tristan at Slack Frontiers in 2017. Really love what they're doing and their approach to company building. As a fellow "Slack first" B2B app, I think we're going to see more chat-native interfaces in the coming years. It's just so much easier to use tools in the context of conversations than inside of a separate browser tab. The growth of remote-first teams too is only going to rise the tide, and I think it's smart for Halp to ride that wave. @fletchrichman Congrats on the rebrand and launch! Rooting for y'all 📈
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@andygcook thanks Andy! It's been a blast watching you grow too. I'm excited for the convergence of some of the different experiences in Slack, we have some exciting ideas about how we can surface knowledge from tools like Tettra in tickets :)
Great way to tame the Slack beast! Get structured / actionable information to the people who need it so that problems to be tracked and solved quickly and efficiently.
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Legendary @josh_colbert! 🔥 🤖 🎫
Exciting to see so many improvements from the Halp team!
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Thanks @pascal_wagner. It's been a great ride so far!