Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 6th, 2019

Hey! It's that VC!

AI is coming for VCs, per a new app called AngelFace.

The app started as a facial recognition tool to help retail stores catch shoplifters, but was rejected by investors. Instead, Makers Tosh Velaga and Igor Nefedov pivoted and created a project that identifies whether or not someone is a venture capitalist from a quick photo of their face.

The duo scraped VC pics from Google Images and Signal, a directory for sourcing investors. The idea behind the app is to make it easier to spot VCs in the wild, which is a nice idea for budding entrepreneurs, but could create a paparazzi effect for investors.

Would you use AngelFace to track down a VC? We want to know.

Right now, AngelFace is focused on investors in Silicon Valley. If you live outside of the Bay Area, there are other (slightly less aggressive) ways to get in touch with VCs. A few options:

👀 Glassdollar is a tool that helps you find VCs based on your startup

👀 Investor Hunt is an AI-powered database of over 40K investors

👀 Angel Database is a huge database of over 13K angel investors

Try AngelFace

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