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Signal is hands down THE best tool for sourcing and managing investors! 🎉💸 We've been part of the private beta for half a year now and we saw the product grow and grow into a power-tool for CEOs and founders. Go @jamescurrier and NFX team 💪🏼
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@mfts0 @jamescurrier Thank you for this awesome tool!
For founders, Signal is a simple tool to find the right investors, and find the strongest introduction to those investors. For investors, Signal is a means to appear atop the right lists and attract the right companies.
@erictwillis Apt description Eric.
Congrats James and NFX team! Awesome product.
I've been dreaming of this product @jamescurrier. I was able to claim my gmail but am having trouble claiming the other four pieces. I've tried it on chrome, safari, firefox and I came through the StrictlyVC newsletter. Hope that's helpful for the QA folks. Thanks for making this!
@shawn_cheng @jamescurrier Thanks for pointing this out. The team will look into it!