Investor Hunt 2.0

AI-powered database of 40k+ investors to raise your capital

Investor Hunt is an AI-powered database of 40k+ investors that saves you hundreds of hours of research on AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn trying to find the right investors and their emails. 🚀
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🎉 “Hooray” Hey family 👋🏿 Investor Hunt is a database of 40,000+ angel investors and venture funds. We have been collecting data and feedback ever since we launched in June 2018. And finally, we make some big steps to significantly ease the process of fundraising. Fundraising was never assisted by AI and Machine Learning until today. Look, when we (together with @rashid_khasanov) had our first round back in 2016 for Richie Invest, it was a nightmare. Rashid spent nights collecting emails of angel investors from some random shady sources. The process was torture, first, we had to find investors on Crunchbase and Angelist, then filter and curate them; spend days to find emails on one by one, just to get a bounce at the end. Yikes 😒. Those 3000 first investors were the beginning on Investor Hunt. During the next 2 months, we hunted all over the internet to put information, emails, and investment preferences and focuses in one place - Investor Hunt. We already helped over 700 startup founders everywhere from Australia to the United States, from Kenya to Brazil. Today we are launching a set of new features to make this process even better and easier: * 👽 AI and machine learning. Nobody had machine learning and AI assist in fundraising, but we tried to do something about it. We analyze over 20 factors to help you find the most “matching” investors, that invest in your market, your stage, your location. We look at how often this lender is being “favorited” or “reported as bouncing”, we look at your “favorites” and learn from them, we look at your reports and learn from them as well, we run our own continuous background updates to keep the list as accurate as possible. We don’t have enough data to be absolutely precise, but we are getting there. * 💆🏻‍♂️Integrations - it took startups at least 3 hours to download the list of investors, upload it to mailing apps and reach out to them. It was ode annoying, so we cut it down to 5 minutes. We integrated with Zapier, MailChimp, getting SendGrid and some other very cool CRM integrations up towards the end of the week. All just to make your fundraising go as smooth as possible. ( * 🗄Templates and resources. Here is a little insight, we spend $7k on legal cost during our first round in 2016. It was money down the 🚽. This time, we created a library of resources that you will absolutely need at your startup. Everything from Pitch Decks, Executive Summaries, Cap Tables and even convertible notes. We just started, the library will continue updating. ( * 💁🏽 Free Account. Try our free account so you can jumpstart the process of fundraising, use templates, and get to know the product before spending money. * 💡 Directory. You don’t even need to create an account, just go to our directory and research. Find investors and learn about them. ( ---------------------------------- 🚀 We are just like you, hustlers chasing our dream. We decided to offer 50 Early Stage discounts for selected startups. Early Stage discount allows you to get a Premium Package for $49/month for the first year of using Investor Hunt. (Don’t worry, not an annual package) ---------------------------------- Don’t want to subscribe? It is ok, just comment below, tell us what you think, share your thoughts, and hustle! ☝🏿 Despite the rumors, Investor Hunt had never rebranded, moved to another domain or relaunched before today.
@rashid_khasanov @bsmoder did you actually raise any funds using your product?
@rashid_khasanov @bsmoder @tim_nugmanov great question. I try to register free user but when wan to check your template its required Credit Card info that is not friendly!
@rashid_khasanov @kientt very good question Travis, Unfortunately at this moment we do require a credit card for the free account. We do not charge it though, just as a tool to verify customers so we do not get scraped. Plus also it was easier technologically to be honest. We will probably change it in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.
@rashid_khasanov @bsmoder Very quick response! So I will need your system in near future for our project!
why are half of the comments here spam? you just made a bunch of random accounts to upvote and comment on this @rrhoover is there anything coming to fix this
@rrhoover @mungerology bump The spam in this comment section is actually quite obnoxious
@rrhoover @antdke @abadesi @amrith @mungerology russians colluding have even infiltrated Product Hunt :(
What's the relationship between Investor Hunt that @juhaszhenderson launched last year? The FAQ looks word-for-word and the layout is clearly "inspired", but the other one has 5k more contacts. Did you end up just scraping the existing product to launch your own?
@juhaszhenderson @parterburn Very good point, the truth is actually the opposite. We launched Investor Hunt exactly a year ago with Matt, however, we split around December 2018. I think then Matt did something very questionable, which is remove us from makers on Investor Hunt, launching Investor Scout and then telling everyone that Investor Hunt is no longer Investor Hunt, but Investor Scout. It is ok tho, it is yesterday, we look forward not backwards.
@parterburn Thanks for catching this & tagging me @parterburn! Yup exactly––they helped us make Investor Hunt 1.0, then we had a falling out. They owned the domain while we owned the data. They scraped our dataset and launched AngelMatch (which seems to be dying as can be seen here:, so now they seem to just be moving it all back over to the original Investor Hunt domain. All the copy, fundamental design direction, marketing assets, and even the pricing models were obviously lifted from my products (Investor Hunt and beyond) as can be seen here going back to Jan 2018: We removed them from Investor Hunt, Investor Scout, etc. to stop them from sabotaging our products further In any case, we're still very active with Investor Scout, and actually have over twice as many investors as these guys have now (80k+), including verified emails: Our pricing is comparable if you use the code EARLYADOPTERS at checkout
This is awesome, but why do I need to put my credit card details in for the free plan?
@marcusmichaels Great question, we primarily did it as a tool to verify customers and TBH it was just easier technically :p
@marcusmichaels @bsmoder u might need to remove that code so there'll be no need to give CC details for free plan. Thanks :)
@marcusmichaels @ragztweets we are working on it. Maybe in the near future.
It looks pretty interesting because it can safe a lot of time :)
@dcabrera indeed that was our main objective. We faced that when we were fundraisingz