Use facial recognition to identify VCs

To find an Angel or VC in the bay area:
1. Go to a meet up or an event
2. Come up to a person who looks like an angel investor or venture capitalist
3. If they are an investor, you'll see their information on the screen.
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Feature request: when it identifies the VC, can it send a Linkedin request, and in the request message attach an image of the VC as s/he appears standing before you?
Woah this is wild. @rrhoover would love to hear your thoughts on this. @toshvelaga @igor_nefedov what brought about this idea? Would love to hear the story behind it.
LOL. Curious if my face is in the database. 🤔 The Verge article has the backstory.
@rrhoover yes sir, you are in the database✌️
@igor_nefedov uh-oh. I'm exposed.
Fucking genius and smart..!!! ❤️
Angel, not Angel
Nice troll