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#5 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2019
Moodboard is a free and open source bookmark manager focused on minimalism and simplicity.
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tested it, like the snappiness of vue.js app. Frankly this provides low value for real usage but i could see as an inside feature of something else. Today if i wanted to store links i ise bookmarks manager in browser or notion/trello. Could you deploy on in order for others to remix it ? Cheers Edit : also change default favicon :)
@francoolaami Hi Franco, thank you for your feedback. I will also check out never heard of this site
@charles_eugene_loubao it's an instant builder on web. Think of it like github repo (forkable) that builds automatically on each change
@francoolaami I see. Just like if Netlify and Github had a baby 😅 good stuff! Will put it on there 👍🏾
UPDATE: The mobile experience for Moodboard web app is not the best and I am working on it. To get the full experience please visit the app on a PC or Mac. Hello Product Hunt ! My name is Charles-Eugene Loubao, software developer and creator of Moodboard and I am excited to finally launch something here! On Tuesday, October 1st 2019, I challenged myself to build and launch an Open Source project every week for my developer portfolio. A few days later Moodboard was born! Being someone looking for minimalist and easy to use apps I was looking for a bookmark manager that would just focus on curating and organizing content for myself. Most bookmark managers are bloated with features I did not need and visually did not satisfy my hunger for minimalism. As any developer would do I have decided to reinvent the wheel and build one for myself. Moodboard is created with the KISS philosophy in mind (Keep It Stupid Simple). Your links are organized in boards and the UI was built to keep you away from distractions. I am planning on building browser extensions as well as native apps for Android and iOS. For my developer friends out there Moodboard is Open Source! Feel free to check the code or submit pull requests: This project is far from being perfect and it is a constant work in progress. Give it a try and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you!
Been looking for something like this recently, but I see it's only a sign up with a Google account, which is a dealbreaker for me. Any plans on allowing a simple email/password login with 2FA instead?
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@hiramfromthechi Hi Hiram. I am working on password auth should be out in a day or two!
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@charles_eugene_loubao Perfect. Feel free to nudge me if you still haven't seen me sign up once it's deployed
@hiramfromthechi No problem. Thank you !!
I like the simplicity of this. Nice work.
@jacqvon Thank you Jaqueline 🙏🏾
I love this! Jumped right on it and it was so easy to use. Great product. Are the links do follow or no follow?
@michelle_araujo Thank you for trying it out 🙏🏾 . Do you mean if there is a follow feature ? No. Moodboard is a personal bookmark manager there is no social feature.