Wave Meditation

The music-guided meditation experience you can feel

WAVE mixes guided meditation with music on an app, and a pillow that vibrates according to the beat
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This is a fascinating idea. I do wonder about how many tracks you'll be releasing with the product, how varied from one another they will be, the health benefits of using the wave pillow over traditional meditation sounds. Would love to know if you've done research into the area?
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I'm so so curious about this product. Would love to try it. Hard to commit to purchase without a demo.
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@rrhoover We're working on an at home trial program. Would you like to be one of the first to participate?
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@mason_levey_wave would love to! Feel free to email me at ryan@producthunt.com if that's easiest.
Hi All, Mason here. Founder and CEO of WAVE Meditation WAVE is the world’s first music-driven meditation experience. WAVE combines original music meditation content with a vibrating connected cushion to create an immersive at-home ritual. The vibrating WAVE Bolster pairs with original music-guided meditation content in the WAVE app, making it easy to drop into the WAVE experience from the comfort of your own home My team and I are on a mission to make noise in the silent meditation industry. We believe that by remixing age old meditation techniques for the modern world, we can create a ritual that's more enjoyable, approachable, and culturally relevant. If you have any questions about our content, hardware, or app, let me know!
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