SillyCoin Valley

Test your business skills in our virtual investment game

Put your money-making skills to the test in SillyCoin Valley, a mobile game from investment experts, Own.
Build your firm & raise the capital to help it grow. The aim of the game is to maximise your SillyCoin stash. There are weekly prices!

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13 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, I’m Sherrie from Team Own. We believe that investment should be fun, which is why we’ve developed a new mobile game for people to refine their capital raising skills without having to commit their own money. I hope you enjoy trying the game and look forward to hearing your feedback!
@sherrie_own fun game! want to share on
Haven't really played any games in a while but this is really good for getting you into the world of learning about STOs
Great to see it finally launched, we've all had a blast pitching in on the development of Sillycoin Valley. @paralogicmedia did a fantastic job. Check out the awesome trailer: Looking forward to everyones feedback!
Its a fun game and its a good showcase to how the STO space can change the way we look at the stock market and how easy it is to raise capital for SMB and how easy it is to buy stocks/shares/equity - Go @Ownmarket :D
Great game, very interesting the philosophy behind it.👍👍