Tiny dolls to reduce anxiety

Worrydolls is a simple, free app that helps you track your worries.
It uses cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and magic to help anxious people feel better.
Inspired by tiny magical dolls given to me by my grandmother.
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Worrydolls is based on a set of magical dolls my grandmother gave me as a child. When you whisper your worry to the doll, the doll will take it, and worry it for you. I have been a very anxious person for years, but as I began to track my worries, I realised most didn't turn out nearly as bad as I feared. I found that if I could track this and be mindful, I could slowly gain power over my anxiety. After reading that anxiety rates are on the rise for young people, I designed Worrydolls as a way to inspire journaling, mindfulness, and courage for anxious people like myself.
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Wow, I remember these from when I was growing up!
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@jvdmeij Exactly I had the same ones 😁
Interesting. I haven't heard of this practice before. Is this very common/well-known, @peterwieben?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I only knew of the worrydolls from my grandmother, but they are traditionally made in Guatemala. The picture @jvdmeij posted is close to what I had as a child. The tradition is to tell the doll your worry then place it under your pillow. Then the story is that the doll will make the worry go away. The contemporary change i made was to combine it with some mindfulness techniques and anxiety research which basically recommends the "worrier" to keep track of their anxieties over time. So its a mix of science and magic 😀
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What amazing thing!!!! I think it would help me a lot, please when is going to launch for Android?
@arturotpmntr Making a version in Android is my next goal! i will announce it when it is ready. I hope soon!
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@peterwieben thanks a lot! i will be waiting