Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 22nd, 2017

Quora Video could take on YouTube 🎥👀
“Everything on mobile is being redefined by video. The question is whether older apps get with the times or get left behind.” –Josh Constine

Yesterday, Quora announced an experimental beta of native video support for their app. Authors in the beta group will be able to record videos on mobile from their iOS and Android devices. Video answers will be sorted by how useful they are to the community, and could steal away some How-To video content from YouTube.

With Justin Kan's popular Whale app and other paid-to-answer video apps like YAM  and Tumbleweed coming out, the space is heating up. For more product recommendations on any topic, Ask Product Hunt. 😉
Quora Video 🎥
A student put electron wrapper around Instagram web, made with nativefier. The result: A beautiful new Instagram app for Mac! (Keep this away from peope who post too many times).
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