Whale 1.0

Video Q&A w/ influencers + experts 🐳 Now w/ comments!

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Jared Schaffer
@jbschaff · Founder/Product, The Tribe🕴Dallas, TX
Hmm I'm a huge fan of Whale but is this really worth a repost? EDIT: I hastily wrote this totally overlooking all the hard work you guys put into shipping Pods, Categories, new Recording experience, and AMA's in addition to Comments for v1.0 🤐. Congrats @ranidu @justinkan @jamesfzhang!
Dave Cole
@mrdavidjcole · Support Engineer at Wistia.
This is the greatest JZ release since The Black Album.
@ranidu · CEO Whale and The ArtistUnion
Thank you to @chrismessina for hunting us today! We are super excited to launch V1.0 of Whale. Over the past few months, the team has iterated on the product and released a ton of new features. Some highlights are: 1) Pods: Collections of Whale answers curated by the team. 2) AMA's: Ask me anything pods with influencers and experts. 3) Categories and sea… See more
Brian Fanzo
@isocialfanz · Millennial Speaker & Podcast Host
I'm a fan. Did a blog post about it as a great App for thought leadership as well as learning.
@captnphilip · Sr. Designer at Apple Inc.
Great product! Love the latest updates. 🐳 ❤️️