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Michael Cho — Cofounder, YAM
TechCrunch just featured us! Woot! http://tcrn.ch/2fS9lrL
Michael Cho — Cofounder, YAM
Thanks for hunting us @bramk!

This is actually our 3rd attempt with a Video Q&A app. The first two apps didn’t go anywhere but we kept iterating and really poured our heart and soul into YAM.

Things really got started when I tried giving my first Reddit AMA (about surviving my plane crash). I thoroughly enjoyed that experience but thought some of the questions are better answered with videos.

Along the way while we experimented with our prototype, we heard about this app called Fenda (an audio Q&A app) that went viral in China. It pioneered a very interesting incentive scheme where users not only get paid for answering questions, but also for asking them.

We really liked their model. So we adopted it, added our own spin on it and we’re super stoked to share our “baby” with the PH community today! (read our backstory on Medium here).

As makers, I guess we all know how tough it can be to build stuff that people will love. And yet we all keep going at it cos of some “true north”. In our case, we kept trying because through YAM we allow stories like this (from an English teacher in Aleppo, Syria) to be told.

Look forward to all your comments/feedback! Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Ramsay Brown — CoFounder @ UseDopamine.com
@michael_cho Congrats dude! Can't wait to see the app grow!
Michael Cho — Cofounder, YAM
@ramsay_brown thanks dude! thanks for ur encouragement these past few weeks! means a lot for us :)
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