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May 11th, 2017

There's an API for everything.
An API (Application Programming Interface, if anyone asks) is a set of routines and protocols for building apps. Companies are launching APIs left and right. Today, there's an API for just about everything.

Here are some helpful ones:

• RapidAPI: Discover, test and connect to the world's top APIs
• RAML is the simplest way to design APIs
Dash gives you offline access to 150+ API documentation sets
• Sheetsu turns Google Spreadsheets into an API
Cloud Vision is Google's image recognition API for developers
• Every Developer helps you evaluate an API before you start coding
• Zapier's Developer Platform will connect you to 750+ apps overnight

If you'd like to start understand the interfaces that connect our world, Introduction to APIs is a free eBook in the Kindle store!
An API for Everything
Useful product of the week! Automate That Shit: A set of web apps that reduce human-time spent on repetitive tasks. Extract names, emails, phone numbers & more! 📊🤗
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