Sheetsu is the simplest backend for startups from Google Spreadsheets and hosting from Google Drive

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Michael Oblak, creator of
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Hey @Michaloblak! Very interesting concept to put together a really simple API for a really simple MVP. Why would I not use or other similar, pretty seamless and simple to use, services and choose Sheetsu instead? I'm asking because of the fact that something like Stamplay, will be easier to scale rather than a google spreadsheet. Thanks!
@kostgx Hi Kostas! is very great product indeed. It can take care about everything - managing users, sending them emails, etc. It's really great. Sheetsu is for small things and really quick prototyping. It's bad idea to manage users with Sheetsu. But it's really simple to implement custom form or surveys with Sheetsu. Or mocking tests. Idea of Sheetsu is not to use Google Spreadsheet as a production database for a big projects. It's for testing out ideas, connecting spreadsheets with other platforms or creating small things which doesn't need heavy backend. It could also help you connect zaps or use Google Spreadsheet as a DB for simple cases.
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Michael, I can definitely see myself using this for prototyping and testing. Great job. I'll be sharing the link with my contacts for sure.
@tattle_jz Thanks for kind words. Feel free to use it and spread the word about Sheetsu.
Cool Idea! is there a way to authorise or limit who can GET and POST the api?
@Michaloblak very cool concept! Great layout, very simple. Thanks for sharing & creating πŸ‘
@zbijelic You're welcome. :)