Dash 4

Instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets

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whats new? EDIT: ok that was lazy. lets try that again. - new interface - new dark mode - web searches - docsets playgrounds - search using selected text - tab improvements + more
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Ohh - upgrading now. FYI for people with existing versions. "Dash 4 is a paid upgrade ($14.99) for existing Dash users. To upgrade, download Dash 4 and add your Dash 2 or Dash 3 license in Preferences > Purchase and you’ll be prompted to upgrade."
Can't wait for this to hit the Mac App Store…snicker.
Dash is fantastic, pays for itself ten times over due to productivity gains. Congrats on the launch! 🙌
Can anyone tell me if it's worth the $15 upgrade from 3?
@oscargemorrison If only for continuing to support the developer to update docsets, it's worth it. As far as this specific release, dark mode is a mandatory feature for me and executable code snippets may be something you find useful.
For sure @matejlach Bogdan is a great developer. Always happy to support fellow developers. Just looking to see if there were any immediate feature needs.
@oscargemorrison To echo the other reply you've gotten, it's worth the upgrade. Purchase the upgrade to support Bogdan and future development, and consider the new features an additional bonus. The new features are great, but Dash 3 is just as indispensable as Dash 4 will be, so the upgrade isn't vital from a new feature standpoint. But if I remember, from years back, Dash was probably the first application I purchased a license for (other than maybe Sublime Text) on my Mac. It's a mandatory convenience for any developer, in my opinion, and I'd be heartbroken if it's future development became inactive.
@oscargemorrison Absolutely. This developer is one of the few I'll always support. Great product for a very affordable price. The integrations alone are a life saver. The dark mode now... Dream come true.