Automate That Shit

Web applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.

Automate That Shit (ATS) is a team of developers and engineers committed to automating your shallow work. We want to automate your tasks that can be easily replicated by a machine, so you can focus on work that matters.

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Co-founder here. We're very excited to be featured on Product Hunt, and would love to discuss any thoughts you all have about ATS. If you have a chance, we're also curious if these kinds of tools would be useful to you, and what other tools or capabilities you'd be looking for to automate some of your more tedious work challenges - and we might end up building them for you! Thanks!
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@jeremyltn A brilliant yet almost simple idea that no one bothered to come up with until now. Tried out the product and loved it. Excited to see future integrations and automations in ATS! Just a suggestion, you could crowdsource future automation/integration ideas every few weeks or a month to help you choose what the people want and make it more functional with every inclusion crowdsourced.
@iamadityashth Thanks! Internally we are using the feedback we've gotten here and elsewhere to help determine which features we work on next, but I like the idea of making that open and crowdsourced. Perhaps we'll implement something like that in the future. Thanks again for the feedback and suggestion!
@jeremyltn sure if I can help with this project in any aspect doreach out to me!
@jeremyltn Hi Jeremy, I'm new to API's so please forgive this question if its a simple answer. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. I have a google calendar that I would like to automatically display events that come in via email, or are posted on other website calendars. Does ATS do that? Thanks for your help! - Mary
This looks interesting, but i'm not sure in what proportion it will automate my work. For example, i need to take a screenshot everyday of the same website. From what i see on ATS, i just enter the link and then i download the picture. This is good, it eliminates a step or two from my current process, but truly automation for this shit will be if i setup this process and everyday i recieve an email with the screenshot or i enter on ATS and download the picture(s). Anyway, nice work guys, l've joined the beta list.
@cosminbaluta There are plenty apps for automated screenshots. I actually build one for myself: it is manly for tracking website changes but will also take a screenshots every day. The last 10 days are always stored and can be exported.
@cosminbaluta Hey Cosmin, thanks for joining! Once we get our job scheduling mechanism functional, you will be able to do exactly what you're describing: Enter the URL once, schedule the screenshots, and the receive regular emails with the results.
@tonyschumaker Custodee looks awesome, nice work. That's certainly part of where we're headed, probably without the focus on competitors, but I think that's a great angle.
@jeremyltn Thanks! I am not really putting that much energy into it, because I build it just for myself. I just keep it online because it is useful for some users but my focus is on other projects. :)
@tonyschumaker Thanks! I'll give it a shot, it looks really nice! @craigmi45553260 That's cool, i'll be waiting, i see a lot more places where it could help me. Thanks!
Hey guys, with the square modular buttons on the site - I can't click them. Some have 'launch' some don't. I'm on Safari on a Mac.
@craigjbarber Thanks for the feedback. I just tested on OSX Safari and it seems to be working for me. Do you mean you can't click on the "Launch" buttons or something else? Would you mind sending me a screenshot of what you're seeing?
@jeremyltn @craigjbarber I think you guys must have been doing dev on a larger screen because some of the launch buttons don't "Fit" in the card ui element you put together for each different automation. For example I have to zoom out to at least 75% on "Extract Named Entities" to actually view the launch button.
@wshabout @craigjbarber Thanks for letting us know. I did notice that gets cut off at certain screen sizes that button starts to disappear, but never actually had saw it go away, and I'm on a 15 inch non-retina display. But thanks again, and I will certainly check that out.
@craigjbarber yeah on Chrome (on Samsung Chromebook Plus w tablet shaped screen) the boxes to launch are cut off too
The idea is good. What I'm missing is the real "automation". Some type of scheduler or something like that.
@csaba_kissi Hi Csaba, thanks for the comment. Building in some scheduling & pipelining features is actually where we're headed next. As we continue development based on user-feedback, I believe more of the true automation work will be builtin.
Gotta love that name! #ATS
@carhughes haha thanks, we agree!