Automate That Shit

Web applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.


Jeremy Litten
@jeremyltn · Co-founder, Automate That Shit
Co-founder here. We're very excited to be featured on Product Hunt, and would love to discuss any thoughts you all have about ATS. If you have a chance, we're also curious if these kinds of tools would be useful to you, and what other tools or capabilities you'd be looking for to automate some of your more tedious work challenges - and we might end up buildi… See more
Cosmin Băluţă
@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
This looks interesting, but i'm not sure in what proportion it will automate my work. For example, i need to take a screenshot everyday of the same website. From what i see on ATS, i just enter the link and then i download the picture. This is good, it eliminates a step or two from my current process, but truly automation for this shit will be if i setup thi… See more
Craig Barber
@craigjbarber · Craig Barber
Hey guys, with the square modular buttons on the site - I can't click them. Some have 'launch' some don't. I'm on Safari on a Mac.
Csaba Kissi
@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
The idea is good. What I'm missing is the real "automation". Some type of scheduler or something like that.
Avi Parshan
@avi_parshan · Android Developer, YouTuber
Seems really cool.