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January 1st, 2019

Find out your side project’s valuation 💸

98% of offers to acquire your company or product don't work out and are merely a time waste (very often by a competitor).” - Pieter Levels

New year, new side project. But how much is your nights and weekends hustle actually worth? This calculator helps you figure it out.

What it takes into account:

💸 Net income (revenue/costs)

⏰ How much time you spend on it per week

📊 Multipliers by industry

📈 Growth rate multipliers

📱 Your users and following (MAUs, social media followers, etc.)

I dream of this being universally adopted by 'open' makers everywhere so we all can work with standardized side-project profiles like accountants do with profit and loss statements or balance sheets.” - KP

Love the simplicity! Reminds me of some financial tools I've come across” - Chip

Next step: Sell your side project in 2019.

A sampling of side project marketplaces to peruse in the meantime:

🏷 Transferlot carefully curates side projects for sale

🤑 Flippa is a large marketplace for buying and selling websites (with a 15% success fee)

😍 Borderline lets you sell your app and barter for someone else's that excites you

💰1K Projects is a marketplace of side projects for less than $1K

🔎 SideProjectors is like “the Craigslist of websites”

Your side project's worth

In this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio, Justin Kan and Ranidu join us to chat about: 

📱 Surviving in Silicon Valley without a phone 

🌏 If distributed teams make sense with the Bay Area's high cost of living

👀 Why 2010–2013 was the “sweet spot” for building and scaling a company

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsors Rally Rd and AngelList for their support. 😸

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