Borderline is a marketplace for side projects. Sell your application, give them away or barter them for someone else's project that excites you.

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Love it! Easily selling and buying side projects needs to be a thing. For this reason right here: Lots of people are great at starting things but lose interest over time, while others have a hard time starting from scratch but can take something that already exists and make it better. People could post anything from an idea to designs to an MVP to a full fledge business. I like the simplicity of it the most. Some things for the future that come to mind: - Screenshots/Videos. - Show monthly recurring revenue (if any). - Maybe stage of project: Idea, Designs, MVP, Generating Revenue, etc. - Handle the process of the sale with boilerplate legal documents (doing this for small purchases should be very doable). - Not sure how valuable Bartering is going to be so I might remove it to simplify things if your data shows little usage. Great stuff!
This is a great idea! I'll always spin up new side projects when exploring technologies, get halfway into building something cool, and then something else will catch my eye. I can finally chip away at my pile of abandoned projects!
@cavan_flynn There is another option, if you want to grow your side project into a startup business. Try
I am constantly looking to find buy apps from other developers. This is typically a time consuming job. Most developers either don't want to sell their old applications or price them based on time invested vs actual value. Glad to see more marketplaces like this open up. Dope 🚬🚬
Great project :) , I posted hopefully it will get some many sites were successfully sold through the platform?
@surfcoderepeat - i would welcome an answer to that question. in addition, how are these projects priced? before i sound too critical, this is an awesome project, i just have some questions.
@surfcoderepeat I tried to make the entire process as fiction-less as possible. It's free to list and buyers/sellers connect directly. I have no way to tell if projects exchange hands.
@kumailht Thanks, will let you know if I get any interest..I listed the site yesterday but it wasn't published yet
@surfcoderepeat I need to do some updates to the codebase before I can add more listings. The website got way more listings than it was designed for, I really didn't think anyone would use it. When I add your website, I'll also send out an email to the subscriber base so that'll get you some interest.
@kumailht Great problem to have ;), thanks and good luck
Oh yes, such side diamonds has accumulated a lot already :) Is there anyone interested in my unfinished free cats massages app? Not expensive ;) Good luck Kumail, cool project!
@iamcrumplecat There is another option, if you want to grow your side project into a startup business. Try