Transferslot is a curated marketplace where founders can sell their project to our community of potential buyers.

All submissions are carefully reviewed to ensure that only good quality projects are listed.

Every product is sent via the weekly newsletter and we offer options to increase the chance of selling, including dedicated email, and unlimited re-listing.

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Fantastic Job, I've seen several sites , which after Flippa's success, but yours is awesome and feast to eye. I've some suggestions , so the selling product will be more effective for buyers. 1. Site Established Year. 2. Google Traffic Stats 3. Total Registered Users / Email Subscribers 4. Technologies used in site. 5. Maintenance costs. That's for now. All the best guys :)
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@srikanth_noah Thank you so much for your suggestions! We started working on the Google Analytics API to get the stats. But for the rest, yes it's really interesting, I'll take note of that!
Hi everyone! I'm excited to share with you today the new version of Transferslot, a marketplace that was originally aimed at Product Hunt projects to be sold, but now open to anyone. We already have a few projects online, and I hope that you'll love the redesign we made, and maybe you'll make some bucks selling your abandoned project, or find your next gem there! Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)
@cx42net This looks really promising and reputable. I've signed a project up for sale, even! (Hint: it's been featured, and met with lots of approval here on PH 😉)
@cx42net Nice work. Putting some of my projects up now :)
@bentossell Awesome, thank you! :)
@draganbabic Noted! Thank you!! we will review it (and the others) soon :)
@cx42net @draganbabic reputable if you include posting scammers' "projects". I paid someone selling their project, and the guy went completely AWOL, stringing me along for a couple of days, then a week, with fake login credentials to what is supposedly the blog he sold me. Thankfully, it was a small amount of money, but as they say, buyer beware. I'm out my money and have no recourse.
did you sell any project (example urls) already?
@dainiskanopa Unfortunately, we don't have any news on that side. We know when a project's owner has been reached out, indicating a potential interest, but we don't have news of what happens next. It's possible that some products have been sold and the owner haven't told us, or that none have been sold. We plan to add some use cases for when we'll have official news of a successful sale :)
@cx42net wouldn’t you want to be part of the transaction? Where will your revenue come from? Im asking this because it can really help you on the marketing side. As a buyer or seller I would Iove to first see success stories instead of list of company with no profit, selling for thousands. Kinda like how indiehackers are doing)
@danielravina We planed to get revenue from the "Trusted Member Program", members of this program gets early access to newly added projects and can veto a project they like before it goes live, giving them more power. You can have more informations about it via: We decided not to go for Escrow because, mainly in France where we are, law regarding exchange of money/services while being a third party is hellish. Maybe implement some bitcoin instead of real money? Well, we'll think about the posibilities :)
@cx42net - Pretty certain "Tiny Reminder" sold. Just received a notice from the original creator stating she sold it andnew people were taking over. She didn't specifically say it sold on your site, but I see it listed there (and it still says available), so either she needs to close it out becuase of the sale, or the new owner listed it!
@dontheideaguy Thanks for the tip, I'll take note in contacting them and see if that's the case. It would make a great use case too if they sold through Transferslot :)
Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you :)
Personally, have nothing to sell yet :) However, I love the design. Looks very clean. Fantastic job!
@rusty_td Thank you :) That's because of the awesome work made by Antoine :)