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greg isenberg
I bring people together
Hands down, Flippa is still the most reputable source if you want to sell your website. FYI - the buyers on Flippa are mostly affiliate marketers or people looking for passive revenue streams, so expect to get a multiple on revenue. Flippa is not as strong when selling a domain or app.
Have sold/bought a few sites from here. Above comment is correct, the buyers/sellers are mostly affiliate and SEO folks. Not good for a site with significant IP or other brand value.
Desi SaranGrowth Strategist, Lean Startup Machine
Has anyone sold a standalone domain from here?
@desisaran I would also look at Sedo or Godaddy Auctions for that.
Mighty Alex
Product designer
I have tried to sell a domain on Flippa once, it's $100 per listing, and the domain got 392 views and only 1 bid. It's was a good 6 letter .com domain.