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November 28th, 2018

This email is for the introverts 👀

Let's talk about something no one wants to talk about: networking.

Yesterday, ex-Google and Twitter exec Karen Wickre's book Taking the Work out of Networking launched on Product Hunt to offer advice to all the introverts who panic at the idea of shaking hands and chitchatting with large groups of people.

Needless to say, the message resonated:

“My good friend Karen⁩ and I started at Google on the same day. I’ll never forget the warmth of her introduction. She’s been an invaluable friend, colleague, and advisor ever since. Whether you’re an introvert or not, be sure to read this book. (And yes, I am way more of an introvert than you would ever assume. Exhibit A: I live in the woods.)” — Chris Sacca

“As a bonafide introvert, this book is quickly becoming my bible. I've always avoided networking and probably missed out. Not anymore!” — Camille Ricketts

“I ordered on Kindle/Audible based on the recommendation, and was resold 3x over after reading the description on Amazon. Looks like there's super practical advice in there” — Niv Dror

Introverted, extroverted, ambiverted or whatever you are — networking is hard.

So we dug up a few networking resources on Product Hunt to help you out:

💌 Networking Emails is a collection of email templates that cover things like how to ask an industry leader for advice, how to cold email alumni or how to follow-up with someone you met at an event.

📱 Rive makes it super easy to send contact information when you meet a new person — it's basically a better alternative for giving someone your number.

💬 AimChat is an ambitious idea: The app lets you send a message to people within your sight with one chance to convince them that you are worth talking to.

👩‍💻 Bevy is an app specifically designed for women who want to help other women at any stage of their life.

👏 The 11 Laws of Likeability is another book for anyone who wants to build long-lasting professional relationships (by being likeable).

And if you’d like to meet and collaborate with other makers from home in your PJs, join us here.

Networking for introverts

Time flies. It's been five years since Product Hunt started and we've learned a ton over the past several years. Next week, the Product Hunt team is traveling from around the world to meetup for an offsite in Los Angeles and prepare our grand master plans for 2019.

As always, we’d love the community’s input so if you’re interested in joining our brainstorming session next week, add your name here and we’ll follow up with details. 😊