Networking app made for women, by women

Bevy app was specifically designed to help women of all ages throughout the many different phases of our lives - The single life, dating life, engagement, marriage, motherhood, moving to a new city, transitioning from the city to the burbs or vice versa, etc.

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Why is this existing? What problrm does it solve that can't be solved by a forum or a group on any social media platform?
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@di_ry Hi Igor! I created this app because women (and men) go through many stages in life and not necessarily at the same time as their friends or current social circle. We get married, have children, move to a new city, we get divorced or break up and in today's society, it is hard to find new friends. Yes, you can join a forum or a facebook group just like when you are looking for a lover you can go to a bar or join a singles club but you have options like tinder, bumble, coffee meets bagel, E-harmony also. This is another forum for women to meet other women with similar interests, in the same area, maybe with a child the same age or same religion or age. It is another option, which to be honest, are few. I also wanted to create an app for women by women and take the fear and stigma out of joining a dating website to look for friends or attending a MeetUp alone in a new city. Thanks for asking!
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@di_ry yeah I was thinking why not open up to men as well to reach a bigger audience and have looking for friends with a mixed batch
Thanks for hunting @simonewym it reminds me of Vina how have you found the experience?
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@abadesi Hi! The interface is easy to use (Tinder-like gestures!) and what I really like is the wide range of interests/activities selection. It's very inclusive for women with varying responsibilities (work, parenting, etc) and age. ✨I've yet to test out the messaging part actually, as unfortunately I seem to live far from everyone 😔
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@abadesi @simonewym Hi!! Thanks for trying it out! We are still working out some kinks and bug while growing the user base! We have a major iphone update that should be pushed out sometime today! One of the main differences between Bevy and Vina (which is awesome) is the search functionality. :) Enjoy Ladies!!
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You’re brave...
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@mickc79 Why thank you :)

You can't go wrong with this app!


I don't think there's anything else like this out there! It's a great idea!



What an amazing project.