A new way to do networking

The idea is you can only send a message to people within your sight and only has 1 chance to convince them that you are worth talking to.

Today around the world, over 2.1 billion people have smartphone technology devices that can easily broadcast their location that they're carrying around in their pocket.

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Love the concept and agree that you want to be connected to people with similar interests. The problem is someone has to have the app and getting critical mass to be useful is nearly impossible. I REALLY think you should create an API for other apps to use so you don’t have to maker your app to 2 billion people, the makers of apps with a huge audience could use your API to make it possible to do this from inside their app. Example: LinkedIn just did the nearby feature to show you people nearby. There have been 4 or 5 apps try to do this but it’s Only really useful if everyone has the app. In this case LinkedIn could do it and it’s very useful because so many people have their application. I think you have a winner on your hands, but you need to market it to platforms.
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@automateiq Thank you for your feed back Chris. We will keep this in mind.
@automateiq for Linkedin, both users needed to turn on that feature on Linkedin and they cannot be too far from each other. Tinder and other apps on the other hand, show you random users near you that you may or may not like but also lied to their users with fake profiles to get the users engage more into the swiping and wasting time. Ultimately, my goal for the app is to become something like your iMessage app. You don't use it unless you wanted to. No time wasting and just straight to the point. This is a soft-launch for us to get the feedback and do updates. Once we feel comfortable, we will launch again with 1.1 :)
The idea is you can aim at anyone and chat. Without sharing your number and email, the limit is up to you to decide.
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How does this work with people's interest? Do you have this option? Say, I only like people who are interested in basketball to see me on the network.
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@welvinrc Thx Welvin, the idea is to connect you with people within your line of sight. Currently, the filter only allows you to filter gender and distance (150ft to 600ft max). We will keep your thoughts in future updates. Thx for feedback :)
@thangtheman I see. Thank you. Will give it a try.
Was unable to download from the Google Play Store, receiving error message (code 910) every time I attempt to do so; tried clearing the Google Play Store cache and restart the phone per Google's suggestions but the app continues to persist with the same error and inability to be installed.
This looks like a innovative idea and will be really useful. The only downside I see is the app is other person must have this installed else it will not work, i think.