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My good friend Ash Bhat has just launched Rive. He was happy to discover that as of last night, Apple has decided to feature it in the App Store. Rive does two things. Firstly, it makes it easy to send contact information. Think of it as a replacement for giving someone your number. Secondly, it allows you to meet other early adopters. Rive shows you when people using the app are nearby. Lastly -- Ash is starting at UC Berkeley in the fall. If you're a UC Berkeley student, or you're about to be one, he's a good person to know. Ash's email is me@ashbhat.com and I encourage anyone from Berkeley to send him an email.
Hope this comes to Android soon. It's so beautiful and have really enjoyed the experience when trying it out on other people's phones. Ash is a baller :)
Been on Rive for a month now - best contact exchange app I've used yet. Super simple and intuitive, highly recommend.
Been using rive for a while. Ash always brings unique products to the table. I've found the nice part about using this is that it doesnt feel like it's slotted for only business or personal but covers both well. Design is clean too. Keep it up Ash.
I've known Ash for a while now, and he's an incredibly talented baller. Given that this is a busy space, I'm excited to see what unique insights and solutions, Ash has come up with. How is this different from the countless other networking and easy 'contact information exchange' applications?