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September 18th, 2018

This startup raised $88M to treat erectile dysfunction (and more) πŸ†
Your doctor is now downloadable on the App Store. πŸ‘€

A wave of startups has arrived to make getting prescriptions for difficult health issues as easy as answering an online survey. Similar to Warby Parker and Casper, these new direct-to-consumer medtech startups make it easy to buy their product by issuing prescriptions online and shipping direct to your door.

Meds for men: Ro just raised $88M to help men get the medications they need. Ro's first product line focused on erectile dysfunction medications. Instead of going into a doctor's office and talking to people, you can get a prescription online and the medications delivered to your door for free.

Yesterday, they dropped their second product line, Zero, an all-in-one medical kit, designed to help you quit smoking. It includes medication, nicotine gum, an app to track your progress, and digital counseling from their on-staff physicians.

"Really excited to be an investor in Roman. There really hasn’t been any kind of trusted brand for men before. This is great example of a beautiful, needed services designed for the digital age." – Alexis Ohanian, Reddit cofounder

They're not the only competitors in the space. SF-based Hims is focused on the same market, with their line of stunningly-branded meds for hair loss, ED, and cold sores. They've raised $98M from Forerunner Ventures (and others) and even launched their own skincare line two months ago.

Meds for women: Nurx has raised $41M from YC and Union Square Ventures to help women get digital prescriptions for birth control and HIV medications. While there are a number of startups that offer HIV medication online, Nurx is one of the few to offer at-home testing kits as well, making it easier for them to treat more afflicted women. They're hiring for 10+ positions in SF.

"Holy crap I just ordered birth control in < 5 minutes. Hands down most useful product I've found on PH to date."– Kelsey Whelan

Modern Fertility, backed by Y Combinator last year, makes it easy for women to test their fertility at home, no visit to the clinic required, for a fraction of the price. They've raised $7M to make sure all women get the fertility data they deserve. Currently hiring for 6+ positions.
Modern Fertility
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This week, we're joined by two amazing community-builders based in New York, Anil Dash and Allison Esposito. In this episode we talk about:
  • The good ol’ days of IRC, Friendster, AIM and MySpace. πŸ‘Ό
  • An adorable app called Aloe Bud. 🌱
  • The dark side of the web. 😈
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