Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 2nd, 2018

Ransom note from a tech founder
Over the long weekend, we were introduced to a new font, designed entirely using tech company logos. Brand New Roman looks like a ransom note written by a tech founder.

It's not the only font-focused product to take off recently:

🏆 Font Shaming ranks fonts used by of the most-upvoted 700+ startups on Product Hunt. Sad spoiler alert: Comic Sans is not the winner.

✍️ Turn your handwriting into a font with Calligraphr. Just fill out a template by hand, upload your writing, and their services will send you a ready-to-use font.

📝 You can build your own font in Photoshop and Illustrator too, with a little-known app called Fontself. Loved by teams at Google, Apple, and Ogilvy.

🏘️ Airbnb launched their own font earlier this year: Airbnb Cereal, after the Obama and McCain cereal boxes that co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia sold in order to bootstrap Airbnb.

And... if another font catches your fancy, use WhatTheFont to snap a pic and it’ll find the closest match. It’s like Shazam for typography nerds. 🤓
100+ Font Apps

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