Make your own fonts in Photoshop & Illustrator

Fontself is like Photoshop, but for building your own fonts. ✨

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I always thought it would be cool to build something that would analyse your handwriting and create a font based on that. This looks like it's moving in that direction! Reading a novel in the author's handwriting -- even if it makes you have to struggle to understand and even guess some of the words -- would add a new level of feeling to the experience. Bravo!
@playswithfood Hi Dave, also a thing I'd love to see one day =) There is actually one book that helped me think about all the crazy things you can do simply with text, type and layout editing:
Hello happy hunters! \(◠‿◠)/ Ever wished you could create your own font in minutes? And what about turning some colorful lettering into actual fonts? Well, these were my dreams 9 years ago, when I started working on Fontself. The goal was simple: let’s make font creation as easy and fun as it was to doodle during your math class when you were in college. Many attempts later, after some blood, sweat and tears, I finally managed to think about the simplest way to make it happen: "Let’s pimp Photoshop & Illustrator, everyone knows how to use them”, did I think at first. - “Wait a minute”, (this is the other part of me) “but what about all the super mega powerful font editing features, you gonna need to fill half of the screen space with buttons, slider, and icons…” “Damn, you're right. Ok, then let’s just forget that type is complex, and let’s bury all that complexity below the carpet”. - “♬ Never gon-na make iiiit…♫”. ⏭ Oct. 1st, 2015. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring all the creative tools I cooked, and apparently I am not the only one who is hungry =) Now looking forward to read your comments, critics and questions. Ask me anything! EOFError: end of file reached □ ��������
▧ Just a short thank you note to everyone who ▲ Fontself: U ROCK!!!! Fontself just got funded on Kickstarter ! So keep hunting for more goodness & see you on the other side of the wild wide web... EOF▧
@99centbrains thanks dude :) FYI, Fontself also just became free for students whose school backs the project:
FYI - Fontself is now available as an extension for Adobe Illustrator: Here's a video of the tool: