We scraped the top hunts. Which fonts and font combinations do they use?


* Lots of system fonts

* Lots of Google Fonts

* A long tail of the misspelled fonts

* Shockingly, no Comic Sans!

Finally, some websites use Helvetica and Arial on the same page which raises the question of *font shaming*, a term coined by @tylerlastovich

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Awesome work Icons8 Team. This is super cool!
@ericqhargrove thank you, Eric!
Cool idea!
@zara_namalyan thank you :) We almost cancelled the project after we saw no cool, inspirational font pairings; then we had to pivot it.
I find this amazing!
@vardankarapetyan oh boy, you know how to motivate.
I love this concept! Unfortunately, this data is simply wrong. I was surprised to see the obscure and monospace typeface "Menlo" in the #2 spot, and the not available to license typeface "Segoe UI" in the #5 spot. So I checked myself: Menlo: 11 of the 12 websites cited do not use it on their homepage. On the one homepage where it's used, it only has the niche application of representing sample code. I don't have time to check every page, but very likely it's only used for that purpose. Segoe UI: Not visible anywhere on any of the websites cited, unless the visitor happens to be using Windows Vista OS (0.4%). I could only find it in the CSS of the homepage of 2 of the 12 websites. In those 2 cases, it's used as a backup font to the "System UI" font. This means means that it will only be visible where it is the System UI font, i.e. Windows Vista OS. This is a great idea, and I would love to see it take into account the actual visibility of the font, e.g. weighting character count, font-size, and use on homepages vs deeper pages.
@mattthew Matthew, accepted. We checked it internally, and found out it's much less precise than we thought. The reason is we scan the CSS and not HTML. Therefore, we count the CSS properties that are not used or redefined, thus users don't see them. Will rework it and let you know here. Thank you for your investigation. You're our whistleblower and, in short, our hero.
@mattthew Hi Matthew, as promised, we've reworked the fonts page https://icons8.com/fonts. We have manually checked all those websites with Font Ninja extension, collected new data, and pushed changes this week. There is still a small problem though. Because in some cases Font Ninja shows fonts that are not used, for example, we noticed this issue with Arial. At the moment the data is more close to the real picture, but there can be inaccuracies.
Again great work Icons8 teams! ps I've receive an error modal when I was clicking on the fonts
@brik_dm can't reproduce :( we've restarted the services though recently, our bad
@brik_dm @visualpharm It does not seem to be working today.