Transform your handwriting or calligraphy into a font

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Amrith Shanbhag
@ambonium · making ideas happen at ohmega
Just saw this on Show HN, I believe it's the successor to a product called MyScriptFont. This is something I dreamt of and I'm happy I can finally make a font of my handwriting hehe :P Seems pretty promising to me, but does have space to improve on the UX imo
Thomas Burgess
@ninjinka · Student
I just made a font with my handwriting, and it was super easy and it looks awesome. However, it looks way neater than my handwriting actually is since it has you write letters individually, and that naturally looks better than writing whole words.
Emmanuel Lemor
@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
There are a couple of players in this space - love to see them jump on here and give samples...
Mohammed Taha
@taha_tweets · Startup Enthusiast | Risk Romancer
Myscriptfont.com is already in this space, what's the distinctive USP of this one? @ambonium
Sergey Pirogov
@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
any examples?