Airbnb Cereal

A new typeface that takes you from button to billboard

Airbnb launched a new typeface called Airbnb Cereal across its product and brand. Airbnb Cereal was created in partnership with Dalton Maag—a global font foundry—and Airbnb’s Marketing and Experience Design teams.

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I don't get why this is posted on PH. If nobody can use it except Airbnb, its not a product.
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@preetesh_jain I am searching this ans. Have they mentioned it anywhere on site? And yes if no one can use it except them its feature of their product and not product.
@preetesh_jain @evivz it’s a brand font, so internal use only. You are correct, it’s a feature not a product itself.
@preetesh_jain I disagree. Also, if you're clever, you can get the font.
@evivz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's one way to reduce the costs of licensing Circular...!
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They mention this on the design page, but this isn't the first time Airbnb has dabbled in cereal. While drowning in credit card debt, the founders were looking for a way to make some money, so they designed cereal boxes themed around the 2008 election. They sold enough to pay off their debt and the story got them into Y Combinator.
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Thanks for not allowing to download


Looks Good


No donwload

So is this going to be available like google font for public use? Or its proprietary font which is going to be used by them only?