Product Hunt Weekly Digest
July 10th, 2022

The state of startup compensation

Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through the year. Last week, cap table management platform Carta launched its H1 2022 compensation report. If you’re a big data nerd, you’ll love this. The company utilized more than 127,000 employee records from startups that use Carta Total Comp to paint a picture of where startup compensation is at, what jobs are most in-demand, and which cities are the highest paying.

When it comes to salary trends, it looks like it’s a good time to be in legal, strategy, product, or engineering, in that order. All of these functions have a median salary of over $150,000. Still, according to Peter Walker, Head of Insights at Carta, “Product actually fares even better than third if you just look at companies worth over $1 billion. Median salaries in Legal and Strategy are high in the dataset because often small startups only have a single lawyer (and they are very senior).”

Product touches so many areas of a company that it makes sense to be so highly valued. If you’ve been pondering switching to a job in Product or are curious about what it takes, we have a few resources for you to check out.

Future of Product Management Report 2022 surveyed 5,000 PMs to provide a deep dive into Product-Led Growth, key stats, and trends to look out for.

Speaking about Product-Led Growth, this book will teach you the importance of PLG, how to showcase value through your product and help you assess which free model is right.

But if you’re more of an audiophile rather than a bookworm, Lenny Rachitsky recently launched Lenny’s Podcast where he interviews product leaders and growth experts to uncover actionable and tactical advice to help build, launch, and scale your product.

This Notion Pack for Product Managers includes a collection of curated templates for daily standups, agile retrospectives, and 1:1 meeting planners.

More PM tools
  • Create and share a map of the countries you visited with How much world?

  • Best Self Avatar generates a realistic self-avatar that you can later use on video calls.

  • The history of UI showcases a visual gallery of how user interfaces have evolved in the past 30 years.

  • Desklamp lets you collaboratively annotate PDFs with margin notes and highlights.

  • Hidden Bar hides the menu bar items on your Mac for a cleaner, minimalistic look.

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