Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 16th, 2018

Everyone’s copying HQ Trivia
"The next big thing will start out looking like a toy." – Chris Dixon, a16z

We have our new toy: mobile-first game shows, led by summer blockbuster HQ Trivia which let millions compete in real-time trivia contests for actual cash. They've since raised $15M and partnered with Nike and Warner Brothers for sponsored games.

10+ competitors have already popped up to compete with sports trivia, online charades, and payouts in crypto. Facebook even spun up a competitor:

But... cash is boring. Burritos are more fun.

Just launched Wednesday, Burrito Time gives away 10 burritos to the first 10 people that open a push notification sent randomly every day. Simple, fun, filling, and guac is included at no extra charge. 🥑

If you don't win, you can still grab a digital burrito pouch for all of your belongings. Don't let your friends take a bite. 😂

Just launched: an unofficial YouTube app for Mac. 📹

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