A daily sports game where you can win real money 💰

G.O.A.T. is a daily sports game. Every day, we’ll ask you a set of questions about sports matches for that day. Answer all of them correctly and win prize money!

Hi everyone! I’m one of the co-founders of G.O.A.T. Happy to be here, especially excited since its my first time being hunted. A lot of us like sports, but sports games are rarely built for “a lot of us”. When we saw how HQ lowered the bar for anyone to play trivia, we wanted to do the same for sports games. Since sports is all about what will happen, we built our game around making predictions. It’s been really fun playing G.O.A.T. with friends - those who are diehard sports fans as well as those who enjoy sports from the sidelines. So introducing G.O.A.T.: A daily fantasy sports game that is free, takes 1 minute to play and you can win $$$. So far we’ve gotten great feedback from our beta users and I can’t wait to hear what the PR community thinks.
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Very HQ inspired it seems. We'll see more of these focused on various verticals. P.S. Anyone else immediately think of this? 😊
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@rrhoover awwwww yahhhh
@rrhoover Oh yeah! Fired up for this!
@rrhoover Another HQ-like app, for Indians though. https://producthunt.com/posts/sh...
Awesome UI! If anyone gives it a go, be a pal and use my link so I earn a 'Skip': https://thegoat.app.link/winner
Things I like about it: 1. It's free 2. You have an hour long window to get your answers in. I feel like I always miss HQ contests by just a few minutes. 3. It's sports related 4. It's super digestible. You don't need to spend hours researching like on FanDuel or Draftkings - GOAT takes about 1 minute of your time.
Shoutout to @mrkampmann for the extra skip. You are the man!
Thank you! Great username BTW. 😂
I've had fun playing it. It's like HQ Trivia + Fantasy Sports
@drew Thanks for hunting and the kind words. You are the Greatest of All Time.
Excited to try this out. Question: what's the revenue model? I assume advertising, but I'm curious if the founders have a specific path to revenue in mind.