Burrito Time

Daily burrito drops. First ten to open the app win!

Burrito Time is your daily opportunity to win a free burrito. Every day, at a random time, this app will send you a notification that says it’s BURRITO TIME. The first 10 people to open the app will win a free burrito…guac included.

That’s it.

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Burriliant! (see what I did there?)
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@rrhoover you’re very punny (see what I did there)
Hey PH 👋 @rosen and I are so pumped to finally share this amazing app. We wanted to create an app that had push notifications people actually enjoy. So, we teamed up with @dostoros to create Burrito Time -an app whose sole purpose is to give people free burritos 🌯. At a randomized time each day, the app sends a push notification telling users that it’s “Burrito Time,” prompting them to open the app. The first ten users to open the app will receive a burrito card, good for one free burrito… GUAC 🥑 INCLUDED! Your free meal can easily be redeemed at any Dos Toros location. Contrary to many apps developed by fast-casual chains across the country, this app has no menu, no order-ahead functionality, no loyalty program… it only does one thing… daily burrito drops! We will be here all day to answer questions about the app, the upcoming NFL season or cute animals 😻 May the fastest fingers win!
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I just love how stupidly simple this is. All I have to do is be the first ten to open a notification, and I get a burrito????


This is the easiest and most hilarious app I've never used. Our office melted down when yesterday's notification went out.


There are too many people on this app for it being so early. I need to be faster on the draw!

They say there is no free thing as free lunch.. but this app makes it possible! Just need to train my thumb to open that notification fast enough 👍🏼
@amysoyeonkim not only is it free, but GUAC is INCLUDED
I wish there was a Dos Toros location near me 😢
@daviswbaer they’re expanding fast - so it may happen before you know it!